Learn how to properly serve, spike, pass and set the ball while you practice these techniques in this highly organized 2-hour group class.  You will learn and practice how to: properly approach for spiking, time your hit, gain consistency in arm swing, control your shots, properly set, control the height and direction of sets, pass to a target consistently, control passing on serve receive, learn advanced serving like jump float or top spin. Plus, you will get to apply what you learned each week as you scrimmage and play every single session.

4-Week Course | 2-Hour Practices. 9:00am - 11:00am

Location: South Mission Beach

☀️🌊🏖️Who is it for? 🏖️🌊☀️

If you have never played beach volleyball or have limited experience and want to learn the fundamentals and improve your skills in a supportive and fun environment, this group training is for you! 👍

If you're an indoor player and want to get your "sand legs" trained, this group training is for you! 👍

If you used to play and are looking to get back out there and get out the rust, this group training is for you! 👍

☀️🌊🏖️ What To Expect 🏖️🌊☀️

Our group trainings were designed by professional American players and certified coaches to develop you into a complete beach volleyball player. We take training just as seriously as we take having a good time. 🎉

Each Group Training Consists Of:
🏐 Dynamic stretching for injury prevention
🏐 Coordination and theoretical training
🏐 Fundamental skill development
🏐 Game Simulations/ Scrimmages

Each Week, You Will Discover Something New: 
* How to put spin on a ball to increase control.
* Why you should bend into a ball when passing.
* How to anticipate on the court.
* How to snap a ball instead of hitting it.
* How to reach and extend when hitting.
* Learn how to time a set.
* Why you should watch the hitter when blocking.
* Learn how to play defense behind a block.
* Learn the fundamentals of communication


  • 9:00 am - 11:00 am
    N. Jetty Road. San Diego, CA 92109

Location Information

  • South Mission Beach
  • N. Jetty Road, San Diego, CA, 92109 US


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